Right for people, right for business.


Become Unmistakable takes a decidedly right-brain approach to the tools and experiences we create.

Cognitive science tells us that engaging this hemisphere — associated with our social and emotional selves — is imperative to bringing out our best. And while logical, analytical left-brain thinking is also important on the job, managers who lead with the right brain find that they can better meet their targets by putting people first.



Left-Brain Limitations

Organizations compete for talented people — and lose time, money and knowledge to disengagement and turnover.

  • Leadership dominated by facts-only, left-brain decision making ignores the human factor

  • People accomplish the bare minimum to hit their targets, limiting quality and innovation

  • A shallow, transactional culture takes hold, and great people leave for something better

Discover Right-Brain Potential

Become Unmistakable connects people to their purpose and their team — attracting talent, reversing churn and inspiring new performance.

  • Leadership learns right-brain techniques to engage the emotions and reach people in meaningful ways

  • People feel valued, a sense of belonging and a natural desire to do their best

  • A deep, authentic culture can flourish for unmistakably better work experiences — and results


A Very Good Return

Putting people first feels good. It’s also good for business. The following results from one organization suggest what’s possible when you go on the journey to become unmistakable.