3 Qualities That Will Make You a Better Leader

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The Unmistakable LEADER™ program creates leaders that are inclusive, inspirational and people-focused in all they do. Leslie Lynch, Director of Unmistakable LEADER™, shares three qualities of a great leader.

1. They make hiring & developing talent a priority.
Good leaders hire the right people and make giving them opportunities to grow and develop a priority. What truly drives great performance is great people supported by more great people.

2. They put culture first.
Great leaders know that the best people are driven and inspired by a healthy culture. So they spend their time and energy doing what they can to improve it. Think about when and where you’ve done your best work. Were you working with people that you loved being around? Were you in an energy-infused environment where new ideas and positive vibes surrounded you? When you laughed at work — a true deep belly laugh — was it with your colleagues? Chances are those moments made you feel more connected at your work.

3. They know to measure the "unmeasurables."
Great leaders know that things like laughing, sharing, teaching, nurturing, encouraging and inspiring are all measurable factors when it comes to boosting morale and performance within their team. It's a no brainer to them that with the right support, numbers will follow.