Unmistakable LEADER™ | Right Brain Justified

Unmistakable LEADER™ | Right Brain Justified


Harness the power of right brain leadership.

Designed for all levels of managers, this workshop will provide you with the tools to create an environment for your team members that sets them up for success. Define, refine and develop your emotional intelligence and gain deep insight into the people-centric mindset.

Create an unmistakable employee journey with moments that matter — starting when the employee applies and ending when the employee departs. Learn to Lead with Connection™.

You will learn:

  • To create innovative rich environments by minimizing threats and maximizing rewards

  • To identify and harness amygdala hijacks utilizing SCARF

  • To maximize your growth mindset

  • To harness the power of “toggling” left to right

The next Right Brain Justified workshop will be on September 25, 2019.