Leaders who inspire.


Looking to take your leadership skills to the next level?

The Unmistakable LEADER™ program offers immersive learning experiences made for managers who are ready to build on their natural strengths, bring out the best in others and Lead with Connection™.

  • Facilitated exploration & self-discovery

  • Hands-on projects & skill building

  • Single workshop or COMPLETE all six modules



We can help you lead like never before.

Business leadership has long been dominated by left-brain logic. Instead, our approach teaches leaders to engage right-brain emotions to achieve results you can measure.

The Unmistakable LEADER™ program is designed to grow your gifts as guide and motivator.


Create organizational culture that yields better experiences and results.


Key Steps on Your Leadership Journey


Use uMap™ to define goals, set priorities and engage your team from day one.

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Learn right-brain techniques to connect to people in meaningful ways.


Bring lessons to life on projects that add value to your organization right away.

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Move from inspiration to action with new skills and tools that create unmistakable culture.


Unmistakable LEADER™ Path

Embark on an immersive learning experience with a cohort of peer leaders while completing all six modules.

Our leadership experts will teach you how to harness the power of right-brain leadership, communicate in compelling ways, build teams that trust and collaborate, and create moving employee experiences.  

You’ll apply lessons learned in the real context of your organization and your networks — and craft a personalized leadership plan.

View the 2019 Unmistakable LEADER™ outline.


  • 6 workshops

  • 4 one-hour individual coaching sessions

  • 2 all-inclusive overnight trips

  • 1 capstone project

  • Access to uMap™

  • Extended learning through cohort

  • Guest speakers and consultants

  • Small class sizes (max. 11 participants)

  • Branded swag

Workshops included: Right Brain Justified, Team Building, Employee Journey, Gifted Messenger, Outside Your Walls, Ignite the Movement



Unmistakable LEADER™ Primers

Take the first step with a single workshop from our Unmistakable LEADER™ program.

You can participate as an individual to understand your leadership style, test your skills and sharpen your approach. Or bring your whole team for a learning experience that creates connection and mindshare.


  • 1 full-day interactive workshop

  • Expert educators and facilitators

Choose from these workshops: Right Brain Justified, Employee Journey, Gifted Manager