Inspiration for your journey.


What can you expect when you Become Unmistakable?

Learn first-hand from the leaders who envisioned this personalized right-brain approach to leadership — and used it to transform their company and many others.

Become Unmistakable speaking engagements happen on location around the world and can run 50 minutes to three hours, depending on your needs and interests. Participants leave with inspiration, ideas and techniques they can use to drive change at work.


Session Topics


The Journey of Elzinga & Volkers

Become Unmistakable founders share the story of how a decision to focus on employees put construction company Elzinga & Volkers on a 10-year path to unprecedented business results. They offer specific strategies, inspirational stories and lessons learned along the journey to Become Unmistakable.

Employee Journey

Discover how to enhance employee engagement, strengthen onboarding and connect people to your organization for the long term.

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Right Brain Justified

Learn why focusing on and caring about the people you lead is simply the right thing to do. When people are treated well, they stick to their relationships — including those at work. See how you can use this insight to invest in people and see an excellent return.

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Intro to uMap™: Lead with Connection

Leaders wonder how to bring people on board with company goals. Employees wonder if they fit in and how they’ll make a difference. Learn how to bring everything and everybody together with uMap™.

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