People who thrive.


With uMap™ you’ll “get” people — and results.

Build an environment where people thrive with uMap™, a platform that creates meaningful connections. It links who we are to what we do and how we interact with others. Align the people in your organization around aspirations and goals to drive transparency, accountability and action.

With uMap™ you’re empowered.   



uMap™ is a proud partner of Best & Brightest, committed to recognizing, celebrating and supporting organizations across the country that deliver exceptional employee experiences. Participating organizations are eligible to receive a discount on a uMap™ subscription! Contact us to learn more.


Engage with uMap™



uMap™ makes the get-to-know-you process faster and accelerates productivity for new hires.


Training &

uMap™ empowers employees to define their own success with an individual development plan representing professional and personal aspirations.



Thrive365™ guides goal-setting, self-appraisal and meaningful quarterly conversations about progress.


Meaningful Connection

uMap™ helps bind people to your organization by connecting them to each other.

Choose the experience that’s right for your people, your purpose. 


Holding an event or meeting?

Break the ice and bring your board, committee or group together with our one-time use Connector uMap™.

Choose from three uMap™ templates to suit your team’s priorities and preferences.


Left uMap™

Emphasize business drivers and accountability.

Balanced uMap™

Capture an equal mix of business and personal priorities.

right uMap™

Emphasize personal motivators and connectivity.